Bucket-list Life News August: In the Studio, On Stage, and On the Trail

For the last several years I have been repeating a mantra to myself: "I am living my dream today." Most days I feel it to varying degrees, but this week has been over the top amazing and just keeps getting better. Here are a few of the highlights:

In the Studio
Monday and Tuesday this week I was in the studio with Bill Lefler, the producer who worked on so many of my favorite Ingrid Michaelson recordings. My co-writers and I were recording tracks for The Bright Times, a new musical project I have been collaborating on since the Spring of this year. The music for this project is upbeat, positive, quirky, feel-good fun, with themes that are designed to support picture: ads and film/TV. I've spent a lot of time in studios over the years, and can't remember a time when I had more fun. It was fantastic. Or as my sister would say, "fantasmagorical". A few pics to give you the feel:

Thursday and Friday I'm back in the studio on a different project called Scarlet Wolves I'm working on with my amazing co-writers and artists Connie Lim and Athena Marie Byrne. We are self-producing an EP of mostly dark, spooky songs for film trailers and film/TV. The Scarlet Wolves songs are darker, but all still have hope and heart, and are equally amazing.

Stay tuned to social media for sneak peeks from both projects.

On Stage
Tonight, I'm playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival for my 4th year in a row! I'll be playing some new songs with special guests, as well as a few from my latest CD, Save Your Heart. The Festival is a great opportunity to check out some of the amazing talent in Los Angeles and around the world. Check out my Patricia Bahia Show Page for details. I'm on at 7pm. TONIGHT at Molly Malone's, Los Angeles.

In Community
Saturday morning, I'm back at the Cancer Support Community in West Los Angeles to lead improv circle singing. This circle singing event is free and open to anyone whose life has been affected by cancer, including caregivers, family, as well as survivors and those in treatment. Check out The Cancer Support Community for more info.

On the Hiking Trail
I've been getting out and enjoying early morning hikes with friends as much as possible, including a hike at the Point Reyes National Seashore with my friend Lisa who is visiting the States from her home in Italy. Here's a picture from our hike on Thursday right before I drove back to Los Angeles from the Bay Area.

I hope you are having a great Summer wherever you are--whether you're traveling, or having a staycation at home, or wherever life takes you this Summer.

Peace and Blessings to You and Yours,

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