Coming in 2017: 7th & Hope New EP

The beginning of this year has been off to an amazing start. In January, my co-writer Betty Lawrence (also known as Brunetti) came to Los Angeles from London and we recorded a five song EP with Billy Lefler at Death Star Studios. We had a blast. We sang, played percussion, sang more, clapped, stomped, laughed at Billy's jokes. He gave us studio names--I'm P-Trish and Betty is B-Dog. He managed to keep us laughing while working us really hard. Since then we have been working with Bill and his mixing engineer on getting the mixes of the recordings just right. I've already started presenting some of the recordings to music supervisors and other industry folks and have been getting a great response.

The songs are upbeat, positive, fun, with just the right amount of sass. Betty sings lead on four of the five songs, and I sing lead on one. We're both singing harmonies and gang vocals, and brought in a few friends to join us. (Thank you Lindsay Paige Garfield, Ali Handal, John Clinebell and Evan Blum.) The project is called 7th & Hope, and the EP will be called The Brighter Side. Here are some photos from the studio sessions to give you a flavor.

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