Getting Away

In December I will be attending a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. No talking, no phones, no writing, no touching, and no exercise except walking, for 10 full days. I'm nervous about being unplugged for so long. It will be a challenge. So on the trip my husband I just took to Canada for his birthday, we experimented with "unplugging lite:" Vancouver Island for 11 days with no guitar, no keyboard, and no laptop (I did have my iphone though, that's why I say "lite" because there's a lot you can do with phone, and a lot of ways to get distracted.) One of the things you can do with a phone is take photos. Here are a few choice pics from Canada, just because.
This panorama of trees is from the hiking trail we took to get to a remote beach at Cape Scott, (below). We drove almost 2 hours on a back-country gravel/mud logging road to the trail head, and then hiked to the beach for about 40 minutes. Well worth the journey to get to this remote and beautiful beach at Cape Scott.
Getting away is good for my soul. it forces me to slow down. When traveling, the day's accomplishments can be simply to take in the natural beauty of a place and to sample local food. We saw beautiful natural places, learned about the first nations people in B.C. and their culture, and ate some of the best salmon and oysters we've ever tasted. And, we made a pilgrimage to the city of Nanaimo and found the Bocca cafe with award-winning Nanaimo bars (a decadent dessert that makes peanut butter cups seem like a healthy treat). Click here for the recipie.

Now it's back to songwriting, recording and teaching. More news on that later. For now, I'm basking in the glow of the beach at Port Scott on Vancouver Island, B.C.

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