Join The Fight for Equal Rights in Arizona

I'm excited to be lending my voice and my songs to the fight for equal rights! This weekend I'll be in Arizona (Tuscon and Tempe) with Equal Means Equal, Kamala Lopez, Natalie White, Ali Handal, Anthony Federov, Voices for Change and lots of other folks, urging college students to VOTE for Pro-ERA legislators on Tuesday! Please share with your friends in Tucson & Tempe!! 

Did you know that women and girls are not included in the U.S. Constitution? And that the Supreme Court has stated that the Equal Protection Clause does not apply to women and girls? One more state is needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing equal rights to all Americans, including women and girls. Let's help Arizona be the state to ratify. Tucson and Tempe area folks--please join us!!! #singersongwriter #voicesforchange #alihandal #equalmeansequal #womensrightsarehumanrights #equalitytour #equalrightsforall #vote #equalrightsamendment 


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