Positive Music Award Win!

I’m thrilled and grateful to share that I won a Positive Music Award on Sunday for my song EVERY DAY IS A GIFT! (click here to listen) It felt fantastic to perform my nominated songs with a stellar band for an enthusiastic audience at the awards show on Sunday night. I flew home with a beautiful crystal trophy, new and deepened friendships with members of the “Posi-music” tribe, and some new co-written songs. I’m still flying even though I’ve been home since Monday night…

Patricia Bahia on the red carpet at the Positive Music Awards 2018Patricia Bahia, John Stringer, Arielle Theirman and Austin Willacy on the red carpet at the Positive Music Awards 2018
The Positive Music Awards show happens at the conclusion of the weekend-long Positive Music Festival in Tampa, Florida. A project of Empower Music and Arts, a community dedicated to creating positive global change through music, writing and the spoken word, the Positive Music Festival is a weekend of inspiring concerts, jams, and workshops on everything from the poetry of Rumi, EFT tapping for healing, prison education programs, songwriting, to physics and synchronicity. The next Posi Music Fest will be May 16-20, 2019 in Tampa.

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