Public Voting Open for Global Peace Song Awards

The public voting period for the Peace Song Awards​ is now open, and a song I co-wrote is a finalist!! To vote for KEEP THE LIGHT ON, 7th and Hope​'s song about being there for others in times of darkness, click on this Facebook link to go the the Peace Song Awards page, scroll down to the 8th song, and "love" or "like" it. 

7th & Hope is Betty Lawrence​ and I, and we wrote this song with Nitanee Paris Music​ and Jean-Pierre Williams​ and recorded it with awesome producer Duddy Brown. 

The Peace Song Awards is part of the initiative designed to create awareness about music’s power to inspire and create peace. By voting, you help bring awareness to the valuable work these organizations are doing! 

So click on the link below, scroll down to the 8th song, KEEP THE LIGHT ON, and "love" or "like" it! 

For your vote to count, you must go to the Peace Song Awards Facebook page for Rock and POP and Click "like" or "love" on KEEP THE LIGHT ON. (Liking this post won't count!!!)

Or copy and paste the Full link to Peace Song Awards Facebook Page into your browser.[0]=68.ARCOggy_61cxh_qc5XJiWGdOa7mBiMJed-_wCROizmL5ea5GAxAKAFUU9x-h4B1vKt_MB3ww42b8dGV7oOcQHn_gbWB5uGfrL-V5Vy1uOHvPJwZbxWrLIwSbHCdtkCVu5PLI2H-8ImfAFYc9-DG4yvIE4mvlW14EVBEmshXmXQvxWJXi0wjdWr6cgGFnZ1lMGRWT16YVIL0bHvoKxzY&__tn__=HH-R

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