Songwriter's Square Review for Save Your Heart

Here's the latest review for Save Your Heart, from Bill Berry, Songwriter's Square.

New Releases/ Patricia Bahia/Save Your Heart
On her new release Save Your Heart, singer-songwriter Patricia Bahia offers up a feel-good pop with graceful lyrics. Opening with two uplifting tunes Resilient and Good Day, she packs the album with fun and upbeat sing-along songs perfect for a Sunday morning wake up. Bahia writes lyrics with a real feeling for the preciousness of life and love. Her welcoming voice lead us through ten songs held together by the Brian Wilsonesque production of Jonathan Hayes from Little Big Tracks studios. With bouncy melodies that will have you singing along by the second chorus, Save Your Heart is a frothy treat, filled in the middle with the real good lyric stuff. Hot Pick: "Happy Birthday".

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