Unstoppable—my theme song

What keeps you going?

Last night the RAKEFIRE song Unstoppable was on the MTV show Teen Mom. It’s my theme song right now. I Co-wrote it with Robert LaSalle, lead singer of RAKEFIRE.  

It’s my theme song that keeps me going no matter the obstacles. 

I had some doubts about going on The Equality Tour in Arizona with a broken foot, but I went, wearing a boot (and hard soled dansko clogs for stage) because I wanted to contribute my music to this moment in history. And it was amazing  great shows with great people for a worthy and important cause. So glad to have been a part of it. And hoping to see the impact of it today at the polls and for years to come  

From Arizona I came directly to Nashville and yesterday started recording with Bobby Holland at his Pentavarit studio. Rain, tornado warnings and sirens going off, none of that will stop me. These songs need to be heard. 

What keeps you going? Do you have a theme song? 

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